Business Applications. Made Simple.

A bit about DiDiMo

DiDiMo is a UK based company which provides local, national and international cloud based applications and tools to support individuals, groups, companies and organisations in meeting their strategic goals. Our solutions include accounting and tax applications, productivity and business process applications and logistics and transport applications. We also provide a number of free online tax and finance calculators and tools to support financial and tax estimates by individuals and companies (Employee and Employer Tax and payroll calculators / applications).

What we do

We provide complete discretion throughout the review, development, delivery and supporting phases. We typically commence with a holistic business process review to understand your business aims and strategic goals. We pride ourselves on providing a subjective overview and will suggest alternate / complementary processes or approaches where we feel you add value or leverage efficiencies via process streamlining or leveraging relevant technologies.

Capable of providing insightful business process reviews and managing the development of relevant technological solutions, built and tailored to suit your organisations needs, DiDiMo provides the holistic solution that enables small, medium and large companies to improve their throughput.

For the larger company, we provide a periodic resource to support projects by augmenting your staff / capabilities without the longer term cost of fixed salaries. This typically includes operational reviews to support efficiency of effort and/or reduce operational costs. These efficiencies via process improvement can typically be replicated across the organisation (in local or international locations) with further efficiencies typically leveraged by use of the right technology.

Why choose DiDiMo?

DiDiMo is unique, unlike some of our competitors we are not tied in to specific software solutions or technologies. We develop our solutions in house. This means we can flex to suit your business needs. We believe this is our greatest asset. In the modern world, there is a distinct shift towards selling mass application licences. Companies often discover to their distress, that the solution they bought doesn't work for them, to make matters worse, they can't get the software changed because the company they bought it from are simply a reseller. Too late! having investing hundreds of thousands, you are now stuck with a solution which actually does about 40-50% of what you need and any changes will roll into the hundreds of thousands and require a bureaucratic process that will likely mean years of development which, by the time it is delivered, is no longer fit for purpose. Modern business need to be adaptable, markets change much faster than 20 years ago. Technology has redefined global culture, economic transactions and the way people think and behave. Consumers and small businesses are changing how they think and interact with products and technology. This has created an environment where small businesses compete more effectively than ever before as they can adapt more readily to their changing environment. Larger companies become trapped in the large investments of overhauling their large inflexible systems which is time consuming with lead times that prevent their effective market competitiveness, they simply don't flex fast enough. The key to escaping this trap and providing the right solutions in the right timeframe is DiDiMo.

How we do what we do

Our cloud based applications deliver the right technology to both customer and client (where relevant) with minimal rollout impact and significantly reduced development costs. Our products can be fully developed or provide a robust proof of concept, delivered at an affordable rate which can be further refined by internal development teams as required. The key factor is our flexibility. Our aim to is ensure you meet yours.

DiDiMo maintains a solid customer database simply because we are passionate about what we do and we maintain that personal customer relationship that allows us to offer advice and subjective thought and feedback as your company changes, grows/shrinks to fit your changing market. With a portfolio that includes blue chip and single person companies, we think we maintain a rich and relevant approach that keeps us forward thinking and relevant.

We do not provide links or references to client work or portfolios, their business development and strategic initiatives should always remain their own. We are happy to discuss specific examples but confidentiality is paramount, particularly when supporting growth into new areas or leveraging opportunities that your competition haven't considered. If you would like to see some examples for review, you can view our project sites that are supported (online calculators and tools) in our Web Development information