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The team at DiDiMo include passionate developers. We love to facilitate solutions to everyday needs and help make the web a more powerful and relevant tool for people to use.

When not engaged in a business project, we actively support iCalculator, the free online calculator project and other free Tax and Finance cloud based applications. Supporting these initiatives enables us to:

  1. Engage directly with a global community and maintain visibility and understanding of how user engagement with web applications is changing.
  2. Tailor our skills and comprehension of user engagement to provide effective web sites and applications that deliver solid leads and conversions in support of strategic goals.
  3. Develop new applications and technology in support of changing social and cultural habits / trends.
  4. Provides tools, calculators and solutions to new online businesses at affordable rates (starting from free)
  5. Challenge ourselves to provide unique solutions and gain valuable feedback in a global, open market, cross border User Acceptance Testing environment.

What Free Tools and Applications do DiDiMo provide?

We provide several free applications that can quickly be added to your website or used within your organisation. These typically include web (cloud) based applications though we also provide some excel and access based tools which are free to use within our T&C. In most cases, you won't need much knowledge of code, the aim is to make this simple for you. Each of our separate tools has supporting user instructions which cover installation guidance through to user settings and workflow (where relevant).

How do the web tools and apps help me as a site owner?

Web based tools and applications which encourage / require user interaction are one of the most important parts of a successful website. Apps positioned adjacent relevant content lead to increased user engagement and confidence in the website. They provide a more professional, slick feel that leads to visitor confidence and increased use and revisits to, your website. Website owners who implement one of calculator suites for example, often see engagement increase by circa 30%.

Free Tools, Great! But what's in it for DiDiMo?

Nothing is ever free, right? Well, our tools and apps are free to use, we do have a set of terms and conditions below each application which you must adhere to if you want to use the specific app. If you don't agree, don't use them, simple.

What's in it for DiDiMo? Most of the free applications contain a link back to the main website where we host the parent application. This link helps support our organic SEO. In return for the free tool to attract more visitors and increase time on site / interaction on your website, we get the occasional bit of traffic and visibility which helps us grow. So, as you grow, so do we. As we grow we allocate more time to providing free apps and you thereby get to use those apps. It's a fairly straightforward mutually beneficial business model.

I don't want the link to DiDiMo on my website! That's okay too. We also provide all our tools brand and link free, please contact us for a quote.

How much does it cost to get a brand free copy?

The cost of this service will depend on the specific application, where you are going to use it and how many visitors you get. Visitors count as we host all our applications on cloud servers, the more visitors, the more bandwidth we need to allocate to ensure your website visitors/user/clients get the best experience each and every time. It's free to contact us for a quote.

Free Tax and Finance Calculators

The following calculators can be added to your website free of charge. We suggest embedding them adjacent a relevant article, for example an article which discusses mortgages would be well supported by our mortgage calculator and allow your users to calculate the examples on your website.

  1. Australia Income Tax and Finance Calculators
  2. Jamaica Income Tax and Finance Calculators
  3. Singapore Income Tax and Finance Calculators
  4. South Africa Tax Calculators
  5. United States Tax and Finance Calculators