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Business Process Workflow Applications

✔ A sequence of events does not a make a process; analysis, thought and considered engineering are the foundations of valid process.

What are Business Process Workflow Applications (BPWA)?

BPWA are applications that simplify workflows, improve time management, save cost and make inter-team/department interaction simple and transparent.

BPWA come in many forms, a common application you will be familiar with is Outlook. This has generic business capability with shared calendars and task functionality. The concept is very similar, the difference is that we provide solutions tailored to your business. The market is filled with companies who simply want to gain a commission on selling and application, they don\'t really care if it is right for you or if it will cost thousands to make tiny changes to suit your teams. We don't sell other companies software or applications as we believe each business is unique, whether it be the market position, operational structure, operational strategy etc. What is important is that the technology is relevant to your company. We believe that technological solutions should be like a coat, it should be functional, it should fit you and it should be an investment that provides years of trouble free use. Many businesses that we work with, both large and small, fall fowl of buying off the shelf solutions that they later realise don't fit their needs.

So, how do we provide that unique service that bridges the gap?

Understanding and optimising your business processes is essential if you are to compete effectively in your marketplace. Good business processes are the core foundation of relevant, effective operations.

The key to achieving relevant business processes is subjective review and analysis. Most team members, whether clerical, supervisory or managerial are often too heavily engrained within the process to identify opportunities for improvement or identify alternate solutions / ways of working. This does not mean they are incompetent, it is simply human habit to that facilitates common reputation of effort, people do what they are used too.

DiDiMo can support your business by providing insightful, subjective review. Our approach is to work alongside your staff to help them identify opportunities to improve your business processes and workflows. We can also deliver bespoke technology which is designed around specific teams and holistic work processes. The systems typically reduce process time and operational cost by eliminating re-keying of data and storage of information in multiple silos. We can even provide API setup so that you can interface your supporting systems. The results often culminate in greater operational flexibility and cost-efficient scalability well beyond the clients initial desire and perception.

I don't want more technology!

Have your teams reached overload? It is not unusual to encounter companies which have invested in multiple applications which work in isolation, the effects are horrendous with issues encountered including:

  1. Increased data entry: This is incredibly common in most companies which are older than 10 years. As the marketplace has changed, investments in alternate software solutions occur. Unfortunately, these systems may well meet a need but they fail to exchange information with internal systems or customer facing systems. The result being you rekey invoices, product details, orders and so on. Our applications mean you only enter data once if at all, we look to leverage customer / client applications and exchange information via API. In simple terms, that means you see the orders and invoices happen, but it costs you nothing to process leaving your teams free to focus on new sales and customer aftercare.
  2. Increased cost: All that extra data entry means more 'bums on seats' as scaling up to meet increased demand means more salaries, training, pension and benefit costs.
  3. Reduced Growth: New business places high pressure on the teams as they struggle to keep up with the workload. New staff take longer to train as current staff don't have the capacity to cope.
  4. Increased Sickness Rates: A common theme that often surfaces in conversations with our clients, workplace stress is on the increase globally. We believe a good proportion of this stress originates from the pressure of using inappropriate systems. Staff become exhausted, frustrated, stressed and, more concerning, disillusioned. Reducing stress is very important from a duty of care perspective but from a business cost perspective you simply cannot afford to have , disillusioned staff. Your staff are often the face of your company, when they are down, dejected or having a bad day, so do you. When employees lose confidence and faith in a company, they stop going the extra mile, they stop being positive when engaging with customers. It is our firm belief that this is the single biggest threat to most modern transactional companies.
  5. Bad Customer experience: This dovetails into the above point but you must also consider how your customers perceive you. Why should they work with you when your competitor provide e-invoicing and transactional information electronically so their teams don't have to key data. Business used to be about quality, increasingly we see that shift to seamless transaction and inter-company cost effectiveness. Companies need to be agile both in their market and in how their operations interface with their clients. Take Amazon, consider their success story, who in Amazon is doing data entry for products? As a percentage of their sales? A very sensible business model which leverages BPWA.

BUT... sometimes, technology is not the solution. We have completed reviews with companies and advised them to scale back on some applications. Why? It all comes down to added value, the key is to be honest and look at the key points at which transformational activity creates value. This value can be qualitative as well as financial but some processes grow from 'good ideas' which never quite realise the aims they initially set out to achieve.

The bottom line is that it is our job to make sure you can do business effectively. Sometimes that means with supporting technology and on some occasions that will mean less technology or adjustments to processes. The key factor is doing it right first time, a process and solution that will take your company forward.

Your first step forward starts now... Contact us.