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✔ Good design is not exclusively image based, good design is a solution that meets your goals. A good design has a seamless process flow that provides a solid ROI

The difference between 'Good' and 'Great' Web Applications

Whether you are looking for a new website for your business or a specific web application, the common desire is for a great design. What makes for a great wed design is debatable, there are a plethora of articles available on the internet, in fact you have probably read two or three conflicting opinions on good web design already.

The truth is that good design, in web terms, is all about getting a user to complete a certain action. This is typically about selling your skills, expertise or your product. Unfortunately, this prime goal is often overlooked or completely lost in the final delivery. It is not unusual for a small business to pay £5-10k on a new website only to discover that they don't acquire any business from it. £5-10k with no Return on Investment (ROI), that is unacceptable for a big company in the modern lean operations environment, never mind a small business start-up. Owners find themselves asking what went wrong, the site looks great, everyone loves it.

Website failure comes from failing to understand the key questions of process design and focusing too much on the aesthetic design.

At DiDiMo we understand the balance of aesthetics and process flow. Our web applications range from traditional websites through to advanced tax applications. Each have their own specific flows with the aesthetics designed to complement the user transition through your website to their final goal. In simple terms, our solutions support the effective conversion of web user to new customer.

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